Feb. 5th, 2011

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Luci is starting her Christmas-promised guitar lessons on Thursday...finally. She was so excited when I told her that she screamed. She has been begging for guitar lessons for over six months now. I wish the spring soccer schedule would come out. I need to know what kind of overlap and difficulty we are going to have in activities. Ugh. Things have gotten slightly out of hand. Zoe has two gymnastics classes per week, Luci has a dance class and guitar lesson, Maria will have two soccer practices a week starting in March sometime as well as Saturday games, and Maria and Zoe will be starting piano lessons again soon. I have to fit this all in and not lose my mind. When we lived in Virginia, our next door neighbors had three amazing teenage daughters. I loved those girls and so, of course, took to heart any wisdom their parents could pass on to me. One of the things their mother told me was that she had always insisted that, apart from basic academics, her children also accomplish three other things...learn a second language, learn to play a musical instrument, and always participate in a "sport". I thought that was a good way to look at "accomplishment". There are many other things more important to me than "accomplishment", but these are all worthy goals. So I'm trying to provide that for my girls. It is a lot harder and more expensive than I thought it would be. Especially as not being "over scheduled" is also very important to me. Yeah. Two goals in total opposition...it doesn't work very well.


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