Mar. 3rd, 2011

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Okay, so I'm rethinking my entire plan for the next "school year". I thought I had it all worked out, but I think I might have made it too complicated. And expensive.

Has anyone who reads this ever used Tapestry of Grace? I've read tons and tons of reviews, gone through the website backwards and forwards...I've done this before as well and thought it looked awesome and then panicked is a lot. Of money for sure, and it looks like it would be pretty labor intensive. But I really want something that pulls history, literature, arts, writing...all that stuff together and I'm just working too hard doing it myself. If there is a curriculum that could do it for me, even one that is not perfect, I would really like that. I looked into Veritas Press as well, even considering having them do the online program and supplementing with the literature selections, but I don't like Veritas choices for writing and grammar and stuff and it all doesn't fit together as neatly.

It seems like I might be going too far to change so much that is working for us already, but the girls are just sick of Pathway language arts. And I must admit that it would get boring for me too. Things have gone really well this year and it seems ridiculous to overhaul the whole program when what we are doing is working. However, it is getting to that point where it becomes a struggle even for me to make them do things they don't want to do. Sometimes different is better.

So this is what I've come up with...thoughts are welcome (italics is stuff we already do and will continue, bold is new stuff):

Math: Singapore Math at appropriate levels, supplementing with Rightstart Al abacus and card games
Copywork: Paidea cursive

Spelling: Phonetic Zoo Level A
Grammar: Easy Grammar at appropriate levels

Typing: Dance Mat and various online games
Spanish: Rosetta Stone

Science: NOEO Chemistry II
Religion: Law of God (we are going through this for the second time now)
History, Literature, Geography, Writing, Art: Tapestry of Grace
Music: Classical Kids, supplemented with bios of composers (we've been using these CDs for several years now and I'm still amazed at how much the girls get out of them, we just add more books and info and look up extra music each time we go through them)


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