Apr. 19th, 2011

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The girls are really cruising right along. We will be done with 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade by the middle of June, I think, and move on to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. I decide on grade levels based on what they are doing in math and language arts, just fyi. A couple of months ago I bought Noeo Science Chemistry II and we dove right into it. We are all loving it. Actually, Maria and Zoe are doing it, Luci is reading the Real Science for Kids Chemistry Pre-level 1 book. It is right at her reading level and it coordinates really well with what the girls are reading and we do the Noeo experiments together. I really like this science curriculum. It feels rigorous but not too labor intensive. The girls are learning a LOT. They blew their daddy away the other day by telling him what atomic numbers and mass numbers are. Pretty good stuff! Zoe especially is just so honestly thrilled and interested that I can hardly keep her back with us. I have to let her read ahead and research on her own. Homeschool FTW!

I'm planning to start Tapestry of Grace with the girls as soon as they finish their current language arts stuff. We have to do some kind of grammar and as the grammar we were doing coordinated with the other language arts stuff, I don't want to continue it, so we will be doing Easy Grammar and Daily Grams, I think. Tapestry of Grace is laid out a lot like Noeo Science, except there is a lot MORE to it. I think I've finally waded through it and have a handle on it and am super excited about it. I think the girls will enjoy the writing assignments and the activity level is something I'm comfortable with. I like a literature base for our education. Too many activities actually seem to detract from it. This seems to have just enough to have some fun and lighten things up and maybe cement some concepts, but not too many that I go crazy trying to do them. And the books...OH THE BOOKS! I am such a bibliophile. I bought all of the ones we will need for more than one week on Abe Books for super cheap. The rest I'm hoping to get at the library. I am tweaking a bit to keep things from an Orthodox perspective. That is annoying, but can't be helped. Until some brilliant mind comes up with something this complete and wonderful and specifically Orthodox, I'm just gonna have to wing that part.

We will take about four weeks off this summer, I think. Maybe not completely off, but I wouldn't mind a longish break. We'll see.


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