Apr. 20th, 2011

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My email address was hacked. Please ignore any emails from me this morning. Hopefully, I've fixed the problem now.
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Zoe is still loving gymnastics to the point of obsession. She has been at it for eight months now, started as a complete beginner and is moving to level 4 in the next session. They had a little exhibition for the parents last night and I took this video of her on bars, her favorite thing. She is actually way above her level on floor and much better at it, but I think she'd be better at bars if she just had access to them more often. Two hours a week is not enough and they don't even work on bars every week. She can practice floor stuff on the mats we have at home and in the yard. But to be a well rounded gymnast, you have to have all the events. She loves them all, it is just harder to get practice on beam, bars and vault, you know? Don't exactly have those sitting around at home. I wish she could spend more time in the gym, but have not figured out how to accomplish that.

Here is a short video of her at the the exhibition night. I wish I'd videoed the floor routine they did too. I just was completely in the moment and forgot to turn on the camera. Heh.

And here are a couple of pics from Maria's most recent soccer game. She really has fun with soccer. I love how much fun this is for her.


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