May. 17th, 2011

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Luci has an evaluation with the Brain Balance Center ( starting tomorrow. The place is almost an hour away from us in Golden and the eval takes two days, two hours each day, so tomorrow and Thursday are effectively shot as far as school work and general normal life stuff. When I first made these appointments I was extremely hopeful about this place, but I am less hopeful now. Actually, the sinking feeling I have about it is almost entirely financial. I have yet to read a review that says what they do there doesn't work or is a scam, but I have read a lot of stuff about how expensive it is and how badly it is handled (disorganized, bad communication, etc.) So I'm a little worried now. But I have the book Disconnected Kids which teaches you how to do a lot of what they do at the centers, so I'm hopeful I can implement it at home if need be.

She also has a vision screening/consultation on Friday morning. Looking into the possibility that she needs some vision therapy. There is a school of thought that says dyslexia (and its relatives) is caused by tracking and vision problems. So we will see where that goes. I'm not entirely sure I buy into this, but I'm following all leads and going to look into everything.

I've read a significant portion of The Gift of Dyslexia and think it will be very helpful as well.

Does anyone happen to know of an Orton-Gillingham based language arts program that can be done online? Luci really loves doing things on the computer lately and I was thinking that might be a good incentive for her to actually do the intensive phonics work she needs.

Okay...I have to feed the girls. I'm out.


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