Jul. 31st, 2011

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We are starting school back up tomorrow after an entire month off. I don't remember when we've ever taken an entire month off of school before. It was nice, but I'm ready to get back into it. A lot of tweaking has been done, some simplifying, due to our circumstances and some decisions for this year's curriculum are still in the air. One of those is a coop. There are two options and I'm not sure which one I will be choosing. One is an Orthodox Christian coop meeting the second and fourth Fridays of the month. The classes offered (art and science) are just what I want, ages are appropriate, and they meet at our parish, but since it is only twice a month, I will have to supplement and build my own curriculum in addition to it. Despite that, I would prefer this one emotionally/sociall as it incorporates weekday liturgies and other services and the parents are directly involved. The other is a Protestant one meeting at a local LARGE Baptist church. It meets once a week, very organized and more like a part time school, the girls would have "homework" and the curriculum would be all laid out for me. It costs a lot though and would not really improve my social life as it is a drop off situation(not that I couldn't volunteer). Both are very Charlotte Mason/Classical in their approach. I'm still trying to decide. I need to figure it out soon.

Here is curriculum for this fall:
Math: Math Mammoth (www.mathmammoth.com)
History/Geography: Ages of Grace (agesofgrace.com)
Literature/Reading: Ages of Grace
Copywork: Paidea Cursive/Ages of Grace (paideaclassics.org)
Grammar: Easy Grammar (www.easygrammar.com/index2.html)
Spelling: Spectrum Spelling
Science: finish Noeo Chemistry/coop
Typing: Dance mat and various online games
Spanish: Rosetta Stone
Music: Piano lessons/Ages of Grace Eight Tones study
Art: Coop/Ages of Grace Picture Study

The girls also have American Heritage Girls starting in a couple of weeks and various sports (Maria-soccer, Zoe-gymnastics, Luci-karate). Luci will still be in Brain Balance for about six more weeks. Between all this and counseling, doctor, dentist, orthodontist appts and moving into our new home, the next few months should be just about...too busy.

Good thing. I need to avoid as much thinking as possible.


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