Aug. 24th, 2011

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A home is in the works. If all goes well we should begin the move in a couple of weeks. The house is two doors down from my parents home. There are a lot of pros there and very few cons.

Maria is doing rec soccer this year, but also going to a soccer "academy" run by the biggest competitive soccer club around here in an effort to prepare her to try out next year. I should have had her try out this year but she was unsure and I did not want to push. Watching this rec team struggle and her reactions to it made realize that was a mistake. Oh well, hopefully she will be well prepared next year.

Zoe is enjoying the new gym so far which has truly surprised me as it is much more intense. The coaches' are very exacting but kind and they make things fun. I do not know where this is headed for her, but I feel good about the decision to move her. She will be competing but the level is somewhat in the air. She practices all the level four skills but the coach says she may have her compete at level three for this first year as she is so new to this.

Luci has started taekwondo and is truly loving it. It really demands discipline and I think it will be so good for her. Another plus is that it is hilarious. She is also doing great with Brain Balance. Eight sessions left. I think it has been exactly what we needed to do for her.

This is so far our best and most organized homeschooling year. Three weeks into Ages of Grace and I really can't praise it highly enough. The coop starts soon as well.

We are very busy and have a lot of happy, peaceful moments.

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