Dec. 11th, 2011

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I don't know if I can type all that I want to say on this phone, but Luci won't let me escape to the basement and the real computer until she is asleep. Most of the time I'm asleep before she is so I don't get computer time anymore. Just iPhone time throughout the day. See this is why I want an iPad. Or maybe I just need to figure out a place to put the computer upstairs. Heh.

This has been a crazy weekend. Friday was our homeschool co-op which runs from about 9:30 am to 3:30pm. At 5pm Luci had a TKD class and then her first belt test. So now she is a yellow belt. She was adorable and surprisingly shy. The belt test at this level is really more show off for mom and dad than it is a true test. They really do most of the testing as they earn stripes on their current belts. Luci seems to truly love TKD and I really hope she sticks with it because it is extremely good for her. The discipline and even the movements themselves are exactly what she needs. After the belt test we went out to dinner with my parents and then I dropped Maria off at my sister's house to spend the night with her cousin who is also currently her best friend. They have so much fun together which is funny given how much they fought a couple of years ago. There is another girl their age on my sister's street and the three of them are a great group. This other girl seems to smooth things out and just make them all work together better.

On Saturday, Zoe had her second gymnastics meet. Because this was such a large meet and they did not have a fancy electronic scoreboard showing us standings, I honestly had no idea how she did compared with anyone else except her teammates until the end. I only kept track of her team's scores. And even at the end they only handed out the all around stuff. Event ribbons were handed out to just the girls and I did not know until we got in the car what ribbons she had won, if any. there were 19 girls in her age group and she tied for 4th place all around. But when she got in the car she had gotten two 1st place ribbons (floor and vault) and two 2nd place ribbons(beam an bars). I really am not the sharpest tool in the box but how does that work? Ties for 1st in the events she placed 2nd? Whatever, her ranks don't mean a lot to me, I just love seeing her have a good time and I love watching gymnastics. These kids are amazing.

Today I did not manage to get us to church. For no good reason. So I spent the day feeling terrible. But this afternoon Zoe and Luci had their American Heritage Girls Awards ceremony and got their first badges which thrilled them. Maria quit AHG. She said it was just not fun. Which is so weird because she loved it at first. I cannot get any details at all out of her and gave up and let her quit. We had dinner with my sister's family at my parents' house this evening and then came home and cleaned up MY trashed house.

After a weekend like this I really need a vacation.

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