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In my quest to "find myself" during this massive transitional phase in my life, one of the things I've given a lot of thought to is my "style": clothing and decorating (as in home). After years of trying to be more traditional and mesh my actual likes with my husband's very modern/traditional and clean design leanings (he likes a woman in jeans and a t-shirt or a fitted suit style dress and his houses uncluttered), my new found freedom has allowed me to be totally honest about what I really like for maybe the first time in my life.  For years I've said I liked French Country style in decor, but as soon as it got really "country", it lost me.  What I really liked about it was the painted woods, the elegant finishes, the colors and textures.  So I've been on a hunt to find out what I REALLY like.  I think the moment of epiphany was when I was standing in my grandparents cluttered, chaotic house and noticing all the little things sitting everywhere that drew my interest and made just being in a room an adventure. My grandmother is a collector...of dolls, dishes, toys, pillows, anything she finds lovely. And I think I started out that way too, as a kid. I wanted a label for this "look", this that would make it a little easier to find.

And I think I found it. I think we'd call it "bohmemian" or "boho".

I want beads on everything including my neck. I want chandeliers in every room and hanging from my ears. I want color everywhere. I want nothing to match and everything to "go together". I want pretty and soft and feminine and drapey. I want sensory overload.

This is something I forgot about myself. Actually, I'm not sure I ever even knew it.
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