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I'm finding it hard to write about anything lately. My children's privacy has become very important. Recently, Zoe saw her name on the screen and asked me not to write about her. I explained that this was my journal, like her diaries. She asked if anyone was going to read it. I said yes. She got upset. more writing about my kids. Which means...I have very little to write about publically/semi publically. For now. Eventually she, and the other girls, may be okay with me sharing about them online, but for now they are not. I discussed this with them and they are decidedly NOT okay with me sharing pretty much anything about them with anyone they don't know and don't approve.

I'm thinking this means my public/semipublic journal may kind of die out here. I do plan to keep reading and commenting on my friends journals. And if I can figure out what in the world I can talk about that doesn't involve my kids, I will try to write.

Love you all!
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I spent all day cleaning my house for the imminent arrival of my parents. I now desperately need a shower, but don't have time for that. Ah well. They love me anyway, right?

The girls have their Songs of the Season choir concert this Sunday. I'm really excited about it. They sounded awesome during dress rehearsal yesterday. I found myself grinning from ear to ear the whole time. All the younger choirs walk in to the beat of African drums and then the first song they sing is an African celebration song called Bonsai Aba. The translation of the song is "All who sing have the right to be called the children of God." It makes me teary just thinking about the beauty of a hundred children's voices singing that and dancing along. My mom is going to LOVE IT!! She'll cry. Yes, she will.

And I'm just happy to see my parents. I love them so much, I can't even tell you. Even when my mother and I totally rub each other the wrong way, we love each other. And I had the best childhood ever. Seriously, I doubt anyone could top it. My ambition in life is to be half the parents mine were. So yeah, I'm happy today. I'm determined to take pictures this time.
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Okay, since I can't use FB right now, I'm going to do a giant photo/journal update about our trip to FL.

First of all...everyone was sick. The entire time. But we still managed to do a few things and have some enjoyable moments. My girls were all diagnosed with a walking pneumonia. Some kind of bacterial infection. Took Luci to the ER because she could not breath and her inhaler was doing nothing to help so she ended up on major steriods and stuff. They offered to keep her there in the hospital, but I opted not to do that since they thought we could handle it at home. And we did. The other girls I took to the ER a few days later just because I knew they had the same thing and wanted antibiotics before we headed home. Their fevers were SO HIGH. I've never seen Maria that miserable. Tina's kids were sick on and off too and Tina was almost hospitalized..but that is her story. Gah. I'm working hard on not being horribly disappointed. The pictures are helping. Read more... )


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