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Okay, since I can't use FB right now, I'm going to do a giant photo/journal update about our trip to FL.

First of all...everyone was sick. The entire time. But we still managed to do a few things and have some enjoyable moments. My girls were all diagnosed with a walking pneumonia. Some kind of bacterial infection. Took Luci to the ER because she could not breath and her inhaler was doing nothing to help so she ended up on major steriods and stuff. They offered to keep her there in the hospital, but I opted not to do that since they thought we could handle it at home. And we did. The other girls I took to the ER a few days later just because I knew they had the same thing and wanted antibiotics before we headed home. Their fevers were SO HIGH. I've never seen Maria that miserable. Tina's kids were sick on and off too and Tina was almost hospitalized..but that is her story. Gah. I'm working hard on not being horribly disappointed. The pictures are helping. Read more... )
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Zoe's (and Brad's) birthday party on Friday night was a big success, I think. I had a good time anyway. We had a "carnival" theme and set up games that all seemed to be enjoyed except the bean bag toss, which was just kind of boring. We had body boppers which were the most popular until they popped, bobbing for apples, balloon darts, and sack races as well. Food seemed to be a hit. At least it all pretty much got eaten. Didn't have much in the leftover department except the veggie tray which looked eerily untouched. Heh. Zoe decorated all the cupcakes and they truly looked "carnivally". More like candy explosions. Here is a pic of the cupcakes and Zoe and Brad. Zoe's all wet from bobbing for apples...

Today, I am doing laundry and making lists and cleaning to get ready to pack tomorrow for our TRIP TO FLORIDA TO SEE TINA AND CO!!! I can't wait. I mean, I really really really can't wait. I can't wait to just totally veg in her house and talk and laugh and cry and just BE MYSELF for awhile. I can't wait to get to know her kids again after a year. I can't wait to do Elise's hair and listen to Aaron play the piano and watch Maria and Ananda reconnect and listen to Isaac chatter and read to Jake...I can't. freaking. wait.

Unfortunately I have to pack and plan first. And ride on an airplane. And get through airport security without having nudie pics taken of myself or getting strip searched. Please tell me they won't put try to put kids through those scary scan machines? If they do, I'm going to ask them where the lead aprons for their unmentionable parts are. Grrr....
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Zoe (and I) made a video of her doing some of her new gymnastics skills with her replacement ipod nano. We put her old one through the washer ages ago. This one is a rebuilt 5G so it has a video camera. She is really into gymnastics these days. It is amazing how much more firm and toned her body is since she started this. She is SO STRONG!

She also made one of the kittens:

We have a super busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow we have school in the morning and swimming with friends in the afternoon, then soccer practice and the girls will go spend the night with Brad. Saturday morning, Luci has rehearsal for her part as a flower in the ballet "Alice in Wonderland". Maria has a soccer game in the early afternoon. Then I'll take Zoe to open gym so she can get in some more practice time before we go to FL and to make up for the classes she will miss. And in the evening, the girls are going to a Halloween party with Brad at a friend of his' house so I've got to get their costumes together. They are all trying to make me go to that too, but I think I'm not going to. Sunday I'm hoping we can make it church in the morning and then Brad is coming over to help me clear out the girls play/craft room. It is a mess and useless as it is now. Today, I've got to do some housework and prep for this busy weekend.

I should really do a true update here. And continue the meme I started. I just...have no motivation. My life has overwhelmed me.


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