Apr. 5th, 2011

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We just returned from a 10 day trip to Kansas to visit family. It was a good trip. The girls got a lot of play time with their cousins on both sides of the family. There were shopping trips for fun things. My mom took each of the girls out individually. She took Zoe to get her hair cut with the complete treatment (wash and style) and bought her a balloon animal kit. She has made tons of balloon animals now and become quite good at a few of them. She took Maria for a manicure (which was odd because Maria has less than tiny fingernails due to chewing them down to nubs and had chewed the polish all off by the end of the day she got the manicure) and bought her a new outfit at Target. She took Luci shopping since they could not think of anything "special" to do that excited Luci and she bought Luci another Monster High outfit from Justice. Luci drools over all things Monster High. She also bought her a painting kit with silly bobble head monsters to decorate. Very Luci. My sister's daughter spent the night with us on Friday night and my mom took them all swimming on Saturday as well. The girls also spent a lot of time with their other grandma. She took them bowling and to visit great grandparents and they played with Brad's brother's kids. The weather was nice a lot of the time so there was quite a bit of time outdoors. As I said, a good spring break for my girls.

I spent a lot of the time in contemplation. I really did not do a whole lot. I sat around reading and thinking a lot. I read Little Bee by Chris Cleave which was an amazing book. The story was very disturbing, but the characters and writing style were just incredible. I ended up with a pencil in hand, underlining quotes I found especially brilliant. I know a lot of people that would love this book. I also know a lot of people that would hate it for its disturbing, nightmarish elements. Sad things happen, I warn you. Bad things happen.

I've been working on these two paragraphs for most of the day. I just do not have time to write anymore and never can think of anything interesting to say. I guess I'm just in a journaling slump.


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