May. 12th, 2011

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A good thing to be excited about? Katherine Johnson's (of the blog Evlogia fame) new Orthodox homeschooling curriculum, Ages of Grace. It will be out any day now. I cannot wait! She did a podcast about it today that is wonderful and enlightening and really stoked my excitement to a fever pitch : You really must listen to it!

On a more sober note, I am almost positive that Luci has dyslexia/discalculia and everything that goes along with that. We are having her formally evaluated, but there is really no doubt in my mind. She fits the criteria to a T. And I am hoping and praying that an actual formal "diagnosis" will lead us to some people that can help me help her. I do not truly understand why, but it seems that one of the biggest downsides of this is already the pressure I'm getting to put her in school. My husband and I are feeling very much adrift in a sea of naysayers. This makes literally NO SENSE to me, as all the research indicates the public schools in this country are failing children with dyslexia...roundly failing. What usually happens, both according to research and my own experience, is that dyslexic children are given "help" in the form of crutches such as calculators and an aid to read all tests to them, so that they do not bring down the schools' testing averages. But they don't actually get TAUGHT how to overcome their disabilities. That is absolutely not okay with me. I am not saying there are not excellent teachers and therapists out there helping dyslexic children in wonderful, successful ways. But how do I find them everywhere we go without losing huge chunks of time? How can I ever, in my lifestyle, ensure that Luci always has one? The only way I can ensure that Luci has an excellent teacher/therapist no matter where we live or how many times we move is if I BECOME that person. And so...with the help of every excellent teacher/therapist I can find right here where I am right now, I will do my utmost to become that person. I've already found some excellent resources and am excited about another learning adventure. I will be a student until the day I die, I think.

Brad is taking the day off tomorrow and we are going to Elitch Gardens (local amusement park) for their "homeschool day". Lots of other homeschoolers there I hope. I also doesn't snow. Heh. Supposed to be sunny with a high in the upper sixties, so we should be good. Snow and roller coasters probably don't mix very well.


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